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Core product

 GlassFibre  Renforcd  Gypsum Is a kind of improved cum laude natural gypsum base makings, add special reinforced glass fiber gypsum and trace of modified additives, made of precast type new decorative material.
GRC Is a kind of alkali glass fiber as reinforcing material cement mortar as matrix material of fiber reinforced concrete composite material GRC is a shape, texture texture and color to express designer imagination of materials.
FRP, CFRP and GFRP, AFRP, BFRP etc FRP composite material is made of fiber and matrix materials (resin) mixed in certain proportion after the formation of the type of high performance materials Light and hard non-conductive high mechanical strength recycling less corrosion.
CGDXP transparent concrete is made by mixing optical fiber with fine concrete at a specific dosage, where light can be transmitted from one side to the other almost without loss, forming various patterns. It is a new concrete product with both beauty and practicality.
UHPC's UH is the abbreviation of the phrase (Ultra-High), which refers to the word of the highest magnitude P( Performance), meaning performance and efficacy. C refers to concrete, and UHPC refers to "Ultra-High Performance Concrete"

Engineering case

GDXP Pervious concrete slab
     GDXP The utility model is a kind of functional decorative concrete board, which is a new type of high tech decorative board. Cement concrete is accompanied by the birth of cement. From the date of the birth of cement, nearly two centuries of history tell us that cement concrete is the most durable of man-made building materials. It can be predicted that only cement concrete can accompany human beings into a new century. Cement concrete is not only a wide range of building materials, but also more and more by architectural artists, environmental artists, sculptors for decorative and artistic creation. Cement concrete varieties are the most widely used of the numerous, which is transparent concrete decorative concrete family upstart.


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